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Flogging the Quill LLC has created two imprints for publishing the work of authors who can contribute to those working on the mastery of the storytelling art, and those who have mastered it with novels that don’t fit the confines of traditional publishing genres.

What we aim to publish

  • FtQ Press: Books on writing craft. If you’re a teacher who can help writers master the learning curve of crafting compelling fiction, see our submissions page.
  • Platypus: Fiction. We want to give life to strong storytelling that has not found a home in the traditional publishing world. Many excellent novels are rejected solely because of a lack of an obvious, marketable genre fit. Caveat: we have to fall in love with it.

    The platypus breaks all the rules—it’s the only mammal that lays eggs, is venomous, has a duck bill, a beaver tail, and otter feet—and it does just fine, thank you.

    Platypus publishes novels that take readers on unique paths to entertainment, truth, and most enjoyable reads.


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FtQ Press is the imprint for non-fiction books.

Our partnership publishing model

We’re a micro-press, a beginning, boot-strap company with the resources of an ordinary working family. The writers will bring their own resources to bear in addition to a manuscript, primarily their talent and hard work. We call it Partnership Publishing.

The books we can produce together include:

Trade Paperback books Utilizing the services of Lightning Source, the premier print-on-demand and distribution company, used by all the major publishing houses, your book will be available in traditional form on all the major online bookseller sites, and can be ordered through bookstores.

E-books, too

We set up your book for:

Kindle (Amazon.com)
Nook (Barnes & Noble)
Other ebooks for markets such as Apple’s iBooks, Sony readers utilizing the unique Smashwords e-book production and distribution model.

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Platypus is the imprint for fiction. See the Submissions page for what we will consider.


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