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front Patch 11-14-09 100WAs it turns out, life doesn't get any easier after you're dead.

Patch is a calico tomcat on his way to hook up with a seductive Siamese when a starving vampire turns him into breakfast—and a vampire kitty-cat. He can’t go back to living (as it were) with his associate Amy because suddenly she smells delicious, and sinking his fangs into her is just wrong. He’s plunged into the vampire underground of Bloomsburg, Illinois.

But his attacker is a victim too, and she becomes his new associate as they struggle together to find a life. She runs for city council to fight for vampire rights, with Patch as her running mate.

In the process, a mob tries to skewer Patch with a stake, he’s tried for murder, just about shotgunned into undead pieces, he comes inches from having his tail cut off and seconds from being fried by the sun, and he’s kidnapped twice.

Oh, yeah, and turned into a (shudder) politician.

On the other paw, he does hook up with that sweet Siamese, and it looks like he’s on the way to winning that election . . .

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SummerBoy-100WSThe air was as still as it was hot

Only the whir of a grasshopper’s flight troubled the quiet. Jesse felt like an overcooked chicken, his meat darn near ready to fall off his bones. Mouth so dry he didn’t have enough spit left to swallow, Jesse croaked,  “That guy tryin’ to kill us?”

Turns out the answer is “not yet.” A ranch hand is murdered and bad things start happening to Jesse, just an average kid working on a ranch the summer of 1958.

And then there’s Lola . . . the boss’s daughter is a firecracker of a girl, but her bold ways send death their way.

It will take all of their heart and courage to survive.


This is a novel of Texas, a story about the grit and character you find in the people who live and love in that great state.

For adults (particularly those who were teens in the ’50s and ‘60s) and for young adult readers.

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